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August 16, 2014 - Detroit [x]
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This photo of Jay was shot in 1975 by his father Kent skating his driveway outside there house in Venice. Jay’s style and aggression on his board paved the way for what skateboarding is today. Forever in our hearts! 
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There is nothing worse than hearing people attempt to sound intelligent by using lengthy words and MISUSING THEM

I completely photosynthesize with this

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It was cloudy but somehow California sunsets are always beautiful
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i don’t think the sky will ever stop being my favorite thing in the world
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if punk is dead explain to me why i am right here

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The Neighbourhood and The 1975 with some friends at Coachella

so cute



☆ similar here ☆
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Photographer unknown, 1950s

the one on the left hello

so hot im actually crying

Oh god, feeling weezy

why dont boys look like this anymore wtf

yes omg ^

why did we go from this to baggy pants and snap backs?

Well, fashion trends and what not are a thing. Also media plays a major role into it, people want to emulate those they aspire to become. But really you should be happy because back in the 50’s almost every male dressed like this. It wasn’t special it was the trend the go to. Since the current look is baggy pants and snapbacks then this classic look on people who still appreciate this look, should appear 100x better since they standout against the crowd. So I would say appreciate current trends because it helps those who dress differently attract more eyes.
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"Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones, originally released as a single June 12, 1971, from the album Sticky Fingers. This particular version is a CD single from the 2011 European box set, The Singles 1971-2006 (45x45s).
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